About AllAroundDad.com

AllAroundDad is a space for people to learn tips, tricks, and guides on diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining your vehicle. The site is here to aid those who wish to put the time and effort in to learn about how to maintain their vehicle through sweat equity. You might even have some fun while doing it! 


How did we get here?


I guess it all started when I moved out to San Francisco, CA, to chase the woman of my dreams. I had graduated college and had no clear plans for my future.  My girlfriend of just a few months (now my wife), said she was moving to San Francisco to complete an internship to finish her degree. Without a second of a doubt, I said, “I am coming with you”. 


If you have ever lived in San Francisco, or even vacationed there, you know it is extremely expensive. We had one vehicle for the both of us. It was a 2001 Ford Escape.

I absolutely loved that car, and would do anything to keep it running. It wasn’t long after that cross country trip from Wisconsin to California, that our yellow companion started making some new noises that didn’t sound right. After taking it to a shop for diagnosis, I was told that the tie rods (inner and outer) and ball joints were in need of replacing. I got the quote for $1200 and could not fathom how we were going to pay for this. We were both fresh out of college, broke, and working in the social service field making minimum wage in a city run by tech millionaires…it was this moment in time where I decided, no, needed to learn how to fix my vehicle myself. After some searching on Youtube for How-To Videos, and researching the tools to complete the job – I determined I could get it done for about $400, some blood, lots of sweat, and a few tears. This included being forced to put the car back together every single night so we could get to work the next day or get to the store to pick up a tool I didn’t realize I needed, just to immediately take it apart again. But even through all that, I got the job done, and couldn’t have been prouder of myself for that accomplishment.


It was that moment in time that I knew I would become my own DIY mechanic.



Where am I looking to go next?

Now, almost a decade later and a lot of vehicle repair knowledge gained, I want to create a space to share what I have learned with others. You may be right where I was, between a rock and a broke down car, looking to start your DIY journey.  Or you might just be here to add to your literal and theoretical toolbox. No matter where you are, my goal is to build a resource for those who want to learn and might find my experience and knowledge helpful. Feel free to reach out to support@allarounddad.com.

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